Bombardier Transportation at InnoTrans 2012

The Evolution of Mobility is the future of mobility. It's what we're all about at Bombardier Transportation.

At InnoTrans 2012, we were showcasing the newest, smartest mass transit and e-mobility technologies for fast growing urban areas and longer journeys too. Delivering what forward-looking cities and countries need today—sustainable interconnected modality that gets you where you need to go, efficiently and comfortably. Best-fit mobility solutions that overcome crippling traffic, restore freedom of movement and help cities breathe worldwide.

Read the interview with André Navarri, President & COO of Bombardier Transportation, about the future of urban mobility in the 21st century.

From monorails and metro systems running through buildings, at-grade, elevated or underground, to next-generation solutions for electric vehicles—our latest products are ready now.

Thank you for visiting us at InnoTrans 2012 to experience The Evolution of Mobility firsthand. See you again in 2014.

Sustainable transport: intelligent, efficient,
Citizens and cities alike are calling for greener, more sustainable modes of transport. This means less congestion, fewer emissions and reduced energy consumption. That's what you get with our newest generation of FLEXITY 2 trams, our energy-saving ECO4 technologies and our innovative PRIMOVE e-mobility solutions, to mention but a few. No wonder the climate is right for trains! Read more...

High speed journey: high-capacity, dynamic, fast...performance
The future of mobility is about speed too. And while faster is good, moving more people farther and faster is even better. Our TWINDEXX Express double-deck intercity trains ramp up both capacity and speed with advanced FLEXX Tronic WAKO bogie technology for accelerating quicker through curves. And for a new sense of very high speed, look no further than our groundbreaking ZEFIRO technology and advanced MITRAC propulsion and FLEXX Speed bogie. Read more...

Urban flow: smart, continuous, connected...mobility
In today's growing cities, efficient traffic flow drives down both commuting time and costs. For shorter headways and more frequent service, overlay your existing network with our proven CITYFLO signalling and rail control systems. Choose our next-generation of INNOVIA fully automated driverless solutions—monorails, automated people movers and metros—to speed up journeys to and from city centres, congested urban areas and at airports. Read more...

Passenger comfort: inviting, convenient, comfortable...experience
Today's rail passengers want it all—sustainable solutions that deliver speed, efficiency, comfort and convenience. Seamless connectivity between modes of transport that enhances quality of life, letting you travel from home to work, even to the airport, comfortably and enjoyably. Technology that delivers a smooth, quiet ride. Sleek, spacious interiors equipped for both work and play. And fleet management services that ensure unparalleled availability. At Bombardier Transportation, we call it The Evolution of Mobility. Read more...

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